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September 15, 2012

Download the September Chronicle! Show your parents! Share it with your BFFs. Send it to everyone you know. iTwixie girls are having a Zombie Invasion for October! Are you ready?

YOU can be published in the next issue!

The iTwixie Chronicle theme for October is Zombie Invasion 

iTwixie needs your articles, pictures, songs, drawings and ideas to make the October Chronicle an amazing one. It’s a Zombie Invasion for so much fun! Here are FOUR ways to send in YOUR ideas!

- Just click  here and send in your ideas, or

- Write your ideas in the comment section below, or

- Send ‘em in to  info@itwixie.com

It’s so easy to get published in the Smartest Publication in the World Just for Tweens :)

Can’t wait to see YOUR name in the next, iTwixie Chronicle! You rock!


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