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Fashion Faves & Secrets
June 16, 2012

Week 2: What fave item in YOUR closet always makes you feel fabulous? What do you wish you could wear every day? And, where do you always find a great deal on clothes? Tell us right here. We’ll have a blast seeing what we all love to wear, where we shop and what we put on to feel amazing :)


Now, here are tips, ideas and answers from last week’s question, which was, What’s your number one fashion distraction?

You Said:

  • You’re tired of booty shorts, words on the butt or chest, baggy plants, cleavage-showing shirts and seeing underwear sticking out of pants
  • You want to know how to look cool, fashionable, modest, flattering, repair holes in jeans or broken straps and look like your best YOU!
  • You want to find bermuda shorts, shorts without bling, good deals and cool clothing

Here Are Some “What to Buy” Tips for this Summer:

  1. Get a bright Neon T-Shirt – it will make a statement and is so fun!
  2. 3 white t-shirts – go with any bold pair of shorts, cute skirt or jeans and look snazzy with a scarf
  3. 1 pair of beige or patent leather flip flops – they’ll go with anything and look amazing
  4. 1 pair of bold printed shorts – so fun this summer and just throw on a white t-shirt and you are ready
  5. 1 pair metallic shoes, belt or bag… but not all three! Metallic is in and looks great in small doses
  6. 1 white and 1 bold-colored scarf – will dress up any t-shirt and will go with anything
  7. 1 not-too-short mini-skirt – dress it down with a t-shirt and dress it up with a t-shirt and a scarf
  8. 1 pair bermuda shorts – dress it up with a t-shirt and scarf
  9. 1 tote bag with a scarf wrapped around the straps on the side – cute look with any outfit
  10. 3 tank tops in 3 colors you love – wear ‘em under a variety of shirts or layered for a new look


How to Look Cool and Fashionable
T-shirts go with everything, from mini-skirts to shorts to jeans. And just a few items can dress up any t-shirt – like a scarf, jewelry or even a bag with a coordinating scarf wrapped around the straps.

How to Flatter Your Body
Fun, flowing “a-line” skirts are everywhere and look terrific on everyone. And you can dress them down with flip flops and a simple t-shirt, for a great look when you’re hanging out with friends or going to a movie.

Just hanging out with your peeps? Athletic clothing can be comfortable and keep you looking strong.

Want to make a great impression? Add some accessories to even the most simple outfit to make a basic outfit go SPLASH!

Where to Find Fashion without Going Broke!
There are so many places to go for great looks and great deals. Where do you find your best buys? Let’s share our fave shopping places right here!

How to Fix Your Fashion Distraction
Got a broken strap? Just sew it with a needle and thread. The straps are usually hidden, so you can always wear the fixed item under other clothing

Got a hole in your jeans? Just sew a swatch of an old bandanna or t-shirt over it for a custom, cool look.

Straps always falling down? Try wearing a tank top instead of a cami. Or, just use safety pins to keep those straps in place.

Too tight clothing? Time to buy something new. No one feels comfortable in clothing that’s too tight. Plus, it doesn’t help show off your fashion sense if you’re always adjusting, either. Consider trading clothes with someone smaller than you or with older siblings.

Feeling like you’re looking too boy-ish? Just add a little flair of your own, by layering a button-up shirt over a t-shirt, tying a scarf around your neck or layer a few necklaces together for a cool bracelet or just around your neck. You’ll look smashing.

Like the modest look? Go for it! Modest clothing rocks. Add a tank top, cami or even a white t-shirt under a more revealing shirt that you like. The layered look gives you a lot of options to freshen up different items in your closet. Plus, you’ll feel comfortable, fabulous and a lot less stressed out about sending the wrong message. Good for you!

You go girls! You are beYOUtiful!

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