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Recycled T-Shirt Back Pack: Step One & Done!
September 3, 2010


This is so kewl!

You can take a fave shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore and turn it into a fave Recycled T-Shirt Back Pack! You are gonna LOVE this! Need the list of materials? Just click on  Recycled T-Shirt Back Pack: Get This Ready to see what you need.

Grab your parent and here’s what you’ll do:

  • Turn the t-shirt inside out.
  • Cut across the shirt from shoulder to shoulder.
  • Use a needle and thread to sew a simple stitch across the bottom of the shirt, about a half inch from the cut edge, to hem the bottom of the bag. Make small stitches that are close together for extra durability. Try and create a curved base, if you can. If you can use a sewing machine, that would be ideal.
  • Now, on one side of the opening at the shoulders, space out the five, large buttons you picked out, evenly, and fasten each with a pin. With your parent’s help, stitch each button in place. Make sure to use plenty of thread to secure each button firmly in its spot.
  • Locate the logical place for the button hole opposite each button. Again, with your parent’s help, create small holes, just large enough to fit the button through. If you have access to a button hole maker, great! If not, a simple stitch around each opening will keep the botton hole from fraying.
  • Now that your buttons are in place, wrap the long sleeves alongside the sides of the bag and stitch each wrist to the bottom of the bag. These will be your shoulder straps! If you want, you can even bunch them together or knot them at the top to create a shoulder bag effect.

That’s it!

Will you keep this bag for yourself? Will you give it away as a gift? In either case, now you’re ready to put a couple of items in your bag and hit the town. Enjoy!

Send in a picture of your cool, new bag to judy@itwixie.com. We can’t wait to see it!

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