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Recycling Tip by a Cool iTwixie girl!
December 4, 2009


A COOL REUSED CRAFT by Lemonhead for iTwixie girls EVERYWHERE!

What you need:

  1. Jelly or baby food jar(s)
  2. Paint/glitter or anything (like stickers) to decorate a candle holder
  3. A table with newspaper spread on top of it, so you don’t get paint everywhere
  4. A paintbrush and bowl of water
  5. Small, tea light candle
  6. 6-inch or 8 centimeter wire
  7. Some beads


  1. Carefully paint the jar with cool designs and let dry
  2. Once dried, attach wire on to the jar. leave one side of the wire open and decorate with the beads
  3. Attach the wire end back on the jar, closing the wire around the back to keep the beads in place
  4. Put the candle inside of this new candle holder and (with an adult) light the candle
  5. Enjoy the beautiful lit candle in a room

iTwixie tip: always get help from an adult when using matches and remember to extinguish all candles before leaving a room without anyone in it.

Cheers to Lemonhead and this fabulous recycling craft!  Enjoy!

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