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iTwixie Tweens Give 10 More Ways to Help Planet Earth!
November 12, 2009

Ok, iTwixie girls!  To get thinking “green,” remember:  Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce

1) Buy used clothes.  This can be really fun.  There are lots of used or gently worn clothing stores that sell trendy clothes for a fraction of the new prices.

2) Look for items made with recycled paper.  Companies are so proud of making products using recycled stuff and they know you are watching for that label.

3) Know how items are recycled in your area. Make recycling easier for your family by creating a “center” to keep things until they are collected at the curb or your family can take them to an area center.  A laundry sorting center makes a great way to sort recyclables.

4) Take the fastest shower in the West!  Set a timer and check it out.  You could make it a family contest.  There are also shower heads that just let out less water; you will need an adult’s help for that.

5) OK, this one is kinda gross and you should make sure your parents approve of your methods; don’t just pick up your own trash — pick up someone else’s!  Some cities have sections of a street patroled by a club or organization to keep the area clean!  You could get your scout troop or friends to be such a group.

Now, let’s get at least 5 more!  We can’t wait to see your ideas!!  Just write them in the comments below:

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