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Who Won Writer of the Month for July?
August 3, 2012

Way to go, UsAgainstTheWorld! You are iTwixie’s Writer of the Month for July, and you just won a cool writer’s journal from our friends at Compendium! Cheers!

Check out the winning paragraph that UsAgainstTheWorld wrote. It rocks:

Maude dropped the hair tie on the store’s floor. She was so bummed when she got to soccer practice because she was going to use it to put her hair into a pony tail. Little did she know that just as she was missing that hair tie, another girl found it. And this girl found it in the knick of time because…she was being followed. The girl had to find a disguise, she got in to the store, and after looking around she saw that the store was full of costumes , pirates, princesses, wizards, every costume imaginable. She took a random costume and tied her hair with the hair tie and put a blonde wig on. She ran out of the store in the gigantic crowd surrounding her. She saw the man, he was huge, full of tattoos, very hard to miss, he was swatting around innocent people like if they were flies. He was going to find the girl, sooner or later. The girl ran as fast as she could and saw the school Maude was practicing in. She got in and until this moment she realized that her costume was very similar to the soccer uniform. She joined the game and the man lost sight of the girl. The girl was saved. ~ UsAgainstTheWorld


Send in your parent’s mailing address, UsAgainstTheWorld, so we can send you your PRIZE! Way to go!

And, GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Do you want to try to win iTwixie’s Writer of the Month? Stay tuned. Next month’s Writer of the Month will start on August 17! SO fun!!

Here’s How Writer of the Month Works:
Every month, iTwixie will post the beginning of a paragraph for you to finish. Anyone who wants to send in a paragraph can! Then, one week later, the first 12 paragraphs are showcased with a vote. The winner is announced the following week. The winner gets a kewl writer’s journal! Fun, right?

Check out all of this month’s entries right here. Great job, girls!

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And here’s a big thank you to our friends at Compendium, for providing the coolest writing journals for our Writer of the Month!

Way to go, girls!

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