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See Who WON May's Writer of the Month!!
June 1, 2012


Now we are announcing the winner for the May Writer of the Month! KEWL:)

Congratulations to clairepopo10!!

Here is the winning entry:

Birthdays are the absolute best reason for a party. I could hardly wait for my party to begin. I had been planning this party for months. When my BFF, Anna, walked in the door…I said “Say cheese! and Anna fell on the floor laughing. “what are you doing?” she asked after a few seconds. “You know! The theme of the party was red carpet!” “Oh yeah about that.” “What?” I asked.
“I just came to drop this off. I can’t come.” Why?” I asked. The mood in the room had changed. “We just found out my mom has cancer.” ”Oh no !” “yeah and I’m not really in a party mood.” “I understand.” “I got to go. Have fun with our other friends!” “Ok.” I said. I suddenly had a wonderful idea. I had to make some calls. A couple weeks later I was waiting at the door of Anna’s house. “Claire! What are you doing here?” I wanted to drop this of .” I handed her a bag. she opened it. “Wow ! It’s full of money! what’s this for?” She asked. “your mom.” I said. “it’s money for her cancer…
~ clairepopo10

Great job, EVERYONE! Stay tuned. Next month’s Writer of the Month will start on June 22! SO fun!!

Here’s How Writer of the Month Works:
Every month, iTwixie will post the beginning of a paragraph for you to finish. Anyone who wants to send in a paragraph can! Then, one week later, the first 12 paragraphs are showcased with a vote. The winner is announced the following week. The winner gets a kewl writer’s journal! Fun, right?

Check out all of this month’s entries right here. Great job, girls!

You all ROCK! :)

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