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November 30, 2012


 An iTwixie girl from Switzerland sent this one in:

tween girl sent in this friendship bracelet_from_switzerland

Aren’t these cool:

tween girl sent in this homemade_bracelet and note for iTwixie's Friendship Bracelet Challenge

Pretty, right?

tween girl made this cool_bracelet for iTwixie's Friendship Bracelet Challenge

This one is pretty, too!

All you do to take iTwixie’s Friendship Bracelet Challenge! is:

1. Make a friendship bracelet

2. Then write a note that mentions the nearest big city to you

3. Put the bracelet in a folded piece of paper or a plastic bag to protect it. Then put the bracelet, the note, and an envelope with your address and two postage stamps on it, in an envelope addressed to iTwixie.  This envelope, too, will need two postage stamps.  Here’s the iTwixie address:

PO Box 85
Allison Park, PA 15101

That’s it!  Send it in the mail and you’ll get a cool friendship bracelet from another iTwixie girl from another part of the world IN ABOUT 10 DAYS!


SPECIAL PACKAGING TIP: You’ll need 2 postage stamps for each envelope.  Be sure to wrap your bracelet in another piece of paper, or a little plastic bag, to keep it from getting damaged! And if you can, hand-deliver your package to a post office so they don’t put it in a machine!  Remember, iTwixie does not collect personal information — so your envelope will only be used to send a bracelet back to you!

Want to learn how to make friendship bracelets? Click here!


Where can i buy Viagra in El Paso Texas, Can i buy Viagra no prescription in Pomona California

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