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It's TIME to Send In Your Stuff For iTwixie's January 2012 Talent Show!
January 10, 2012



  • make a wild video of you and your BFF
  • send a picture of something you made yourself (lots of things fit in this category – from paintings to chocolate cake to an audio of you singing or playing the oboe! The sky is the limit!)
  • make a video of you training your pet
  • make a video of your room after you just decorated it (pictures work here, too!)

Remember that you should not include any personally identifiable information like your real name or where you live! Some peeps are not comfortable being on a video, but are awesome sending in an audio tape. Be comfortable and be safe – and share what you can do!

Send your entries to info@itwixie.com or load your video by Click to share your randomness!

You can find more info in the section Here’s how to upload a movie!

iTwixie’s Talent SHOW will start on January 21! Please plan to have your entries in by January 19.



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