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Slumber-ific Sleepovers: What's Up With Your Name?
September 16, 2009

Sleepovers rock, right? Sleepovers with BFFs are a blast!  You get to know your BFF even better and can even end up making friendships stronger.  It’s so awesome!  So check it out!  Let’s don’t share some ideas, right here in the comment section below, about what makes sleepovers SLUMBER-IFIC!

Here’s an idea to get you thinking: Figure out what’s up with your name!

Each one of us has a unique name that was chosen just for us for a very specific reason.  How about yours?  Ask your family to help and you can share what you learn with your BFF when she comes over.  Then the two of you can check out this cool site, www.behindthename.com, and find out the real deal history behind your name, too.  “Behind the name” lets you search first and last names.  It’s so cool!

Check it out and let us know what you find out, right here in the comment section below.  Then, add your own ideas for cool slumber-ific things for your iTwixie BFFs to try!  Can’t wait to see all our great ideas!



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