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May 29, 2011

PixieMeBethany says: Christmas!



My whole family goes to church in the morning and then everyone comes over to my house for Christmas Eve, unload their car, and get their bags to where they’re sleeping. Then, we go out for dinner and then we always watch a Christmas movie and open a few presents. Then all the kids go upstairs and fall asleep. In the morning, all the kids get up and wait on the stairs for about a half an hour and wait for the people who didn’t spend the night at the house to come over. Then we all head downstairs, you feel like you’re famous and getting attacked by paparazzi because each person is surrounded and takes pictures. Then we all open presents one at a time, youngest to oldest, and then after every present was unwrapped, we eat our Christmas brunch.

Brebreso7 says: Fun!

I had fun with my cousins outside we played hide and go seek and we played basketball rode bikes just had fun. thts kinda our culture

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