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Show off your pets!
June 12, 2009


This iTwixie Girl, DragonArtist, owns this adorable pup named Toboe! Toboe is 4 yrs. old and they picked that name because it means “Howler.” Show off your pets!

Tween Girl's Dog

Here’s another one of DragonArtist’s pets – her pet cat named Snickers. She said Snickers chases Toboe, the dog, all around the house and jumps on him!

An iTwixie Tween Girl's Pet Cat Named Snickers

Check out the picture of the wild bunny below – this bunny’s name is Lucky! She was rescued by an iTwixie Girl – soccerchick086! Here’s what soccerchick086 has to say about her experience saving Lucky…

“as you all heard about Lucky which i think spread very fast like i wild fire lol. she was rescued by me and my neighbors (were all kids) and i was nomitanted to take care of her. instead of keeping her we put her in better hands, we gave her to the PA wildlife center. I was very upset but happy that she will be in good hands. i am aloud to call once a week to check on her. so i will keep a blog called LUCKY i will tell you guys how shes doing. =] thanks for caring!”

Wild Bunny named Lucky Saved by an iTwixie Tween Girl

Here’s a video from soccerchick086! Check out all the animals right in her own backyard.


This iTwixie Girl’s cat is named Tabitha!

Tween Girl's Pet Cat Named Tabitha

This cat is named Cheerios and was sent in by two iTwixie Girls, bowandarrow and gravitypetz! Can you believe Cheerios is 14 years old!?

Tween Girl's Pet Cat Named Cheerios

Look! This dog, named Bouy, stole a banana to take a nap with.

Tween girl's dog named Bouy

This dog’s name is Lucky and it’s only 3 years old.

Dog named Lucky

This weiner dog’s name is Zak. He’s chasing bubbles! LOL!

It’s Diva and Brutus. The dogs look like twins! I wonder how they can tell them apart :)

This iTwixie Girl’s cat is named Nala and it LOVES to play with people!

Nala, the cat

How cute! This iTwixie girl’s pup is named Tucker. He’s only 1 year old!

Small tan and white puppy

This ADORABLE puppy’s name is Lady Snickers!

Girl in Pink Shirt holding Small Brown and White Dog

This beagle’s name is Lulu and she is from Pennsylvania!

beagle dog

This is Zeke! Doesn’t he look so cuddly?

Dog resting its head on a bed

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Photo Credit: iTwixie

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