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Simple Life Role Play by GurlPower
August 4, 2012

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Age: 12
Looks: Sraight red hair with piercing green eyes and freakles everywhere
History: I live in a small two-floored cabin in the woods of Virginia. I live 10 miles away from the nearest Target. But my life revolves around achery. I live with my cousin Ryan and his momma Christa. We live a simple life. Ryan is 17 and works at the mill three miles south of our cabin. And Christa works at the seamstress house down the path and I work in the woods hunting and gathering for for an old man who keeps our family alive. One day when Ryan and Christa were gone at work I went to work in the woods, I saw Crabber the old man that I “work” for, if i get him a good squirrel to eat he gives me a dollar and tells me to buy somthin’ to keep me alive. Crabber is a nice man, he is a simple liver, too. Today he told me he would let me get off early so I could hunt …

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