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Slumber-ific September Wrap Up!
September 29, 2009

Throughout Slumber-ific September these ideas have been scrolling along the iTwixie Home Page — here they are in a big list just for you to keep in mind for your next slumber party!  Feel like adding a few of your own?  Can’t wait to see ‘em in the comment section below!

  • Make BFF Cookies
  • Spa Slumber Parties
  • Sleep in Sleeping Bags Outside
  • Go Online & Keep U & Ur BFF Safe
  • Do Fun Mud Masks for Your Face
  • Slumber Party Pedicures
  • Design Your Own T-Shirts
  • Create Your Own Pillowcases
  • Scary Movies and Popcorn
  • Give Each Other Manicures
  • Blindfolded Makeovers
  • Crazy Hair and Make-up Contest
  • Host a Karaoke Singing Show
  • Create Your Own Midnight Snacks
  • Make a Dance to Your Fave Song
  • Play Flashlight Tag
  • Host a Talent Show – Film It for iTwixie
  • Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes
  • Create a Scavenger Hunt
  • Slumber Parties For A Cause
  • Act Out a Scene From Your Fave Movie
  • Charades
  • Make Your Own Mad Libs
  • Make Beaded Jewelry and Friendship Bracelets
  • Play Capture the Flag Outside
  • Have an After-School Picnic
  • Write and Act in Your Own Skit or Play
  • Collect Things on a Nature Walk
  • Host a Back Yard Camp-Out
  • Play Limbo! How Low Can You Go?
  • Design Funny Picture Collages
  • Make a Back Yard Obstacle Course
  • Sporting Events Slumber Parties
  • Take Funny Pics – Post Them on iTwixie
  • Make Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Set Up Relay Races
  • Create the Ultimate Bedroom Fort
  • Make A Movie For “In Her Shoes!”
  • Create A House Of Cards
  • Take Turns Showing Fashion Do’s & Don’ts
  • Write & Sing an iTwixie Rap Song
  • Make Pizza from Scratch
  • Develop Ur Own BFF Handshake


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