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iTwixie Girls Write On: An Interview of a Snowman by Moonpelt
December 7, 2009




Interview of a Snowman by Moonpelt

Moonpelt: Hello Mr. Snowman.
Mr. Snowman: Hi Moonpelt!
Moonpelt: I have some questions for you, okay?
Mr. Snowman: Yep, fire away!
Moonpelt: How does it feel to be made over and over each winter?
Mr. Snowman: Funny. Because once I melt, a cycle starts. The sun rays bring me up into the sky, and I form a cloud, soon a lot of clouds will squish together and we will be rain and fall somewhere. The cylce keeps happening all year long, until winter, when we can rest for a bit as snowmen again!
Moonpelt: Eek! That doesn’t sound very fun.
Mr. Snowman: It isn’t, trust me!
Moonpelt: Does melting feel funny as well?
Mr. Snowman: Actually, when I start to melt, I feel warm. Toasty warm at first, then it feels like I’m in an oven! Soon I’ve melted away. But some winters, I melt slowly, and then I’m not too hot!
Moonpelt: What was your favorite place to be a snowman?
Mr. Snowman: Alaska! I’m not sure what town…but it was definitely Alaska. It was a really long, snowy winter, and I just sat and relaxed the whole time!!
Moonpelt: Well, thank-you for answering questions and good luck!!
Mr. Snowman: And thank you, Moonpelt!
LOL!  What a great interview!  Thanks, Moonpelt!
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