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Softball Tips – It's a TEAM sport!
April 7, 2010


So are you on a team? How is that different from a pick-up game? ONE BIG WORD 3X — practice, practice, practice!

Here are a few tips to make all that practice count:

This is a team sport, so think: what can I do for the team? Can I be the best at fielding, running, being on time for practice, having the best attendance, having the best attitude…what? Every one of these areas counts. Choose at least one and be the best.

Arrive at practice ready to work hard. Be dressed for hard work. Listen to your coach and know what you are supposed to do.

Remember that learning to do something right and practicing it the right way not only makes you a better player, it saves time. If you learn something wrong, you must re-train your muscles before you can do it correctly.

The neat thing about a team sport is that every player counts — for better or worse.  It is your choice how you count.


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