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Sonic Role Play by SuperGirl101 and QueenBlaze
August 28, 2012

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Here’s me:
Powers: Has the power of magic.
About:Shadow and Rouge’s dauhter. Has a bad temper.

QueenBlaze Character:

Name: Eclipse 
Powers: Black energy (Sister has white energy.) 
Age: 16 
About: I’m one off the twins of Blaze and Silver. I am awesome. 

If someone wants, they can be Equinox, my sister 

Age : 16 
Powers: White energy. 
About: I’m Eclipse’ s twin. (Make up the rest.)

Name: Blaze 
Animal: cat 
Powers: Fire. 
Color: purple 
Statis: Princess of another dimention.
Race: Mobian 
History: I came to this world after the Eggman of my dimentions stole the Sol gems, the sourse of my kingdom’s power, and broght them to this world. I’ve joined with Sonic and his freedom fighters. 
Attitude: Calm, keeps a tight lid on her emotions, but can be know to loose control. Loyal, friendly, and powerful. 



Name: Whitney
Age: 13
Animal: human
Apperance: long wavy blonde hair, tall, very light spray tan
Powers: can control water and breathe underwater
History: I’ve lived a pretty average life, except for a freak accident that happened a few days before I turned 13, and it gave me powers. I don’t really remember what happened. But once word got out, instead of becoming an outcast, I became the most popular girl in school. I still am, actually.
Personality: can be cold-hearted, cruel, sarcastic, and gossipy. But once you get to know
me, I’m not as cold hearted, cruel, or gossipy…but I’m just as sarcastic.

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