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Spring Up Your Room with Aromatherapy!
March 26, 2010


Aromatherapy works. Much research shows — what we smell can calm us, excite us and make us happy. So let’s make our rooms a place that makes us calm and happy! Let’s make iTwixie’s Sensational Sachets with lavender, the flower that truly helps us feel calm and peaceful!

Here‘s What You’ll Need to Make iTwixie’s Sensational Sachets:

  • Pick out three 4″ – 8″ rectangles of pretty fabric that makes you smile
  • Pick out three 4″ – 8″ rectangles of plain, cotton to hold the lavender
  • Find a pretty ribbon that looks nice with the fabric
  • Scissors, thread, and a sewing machine, if available
  • 1/4 cup of dried lavender flowers

Here’s How You’ll Make iTwixie’s Sensational Sachets:

  • Pair the rectangles so that one cotton and one pretty fabric are together.
  • Fold each rectangle in half to make a square shape, with the “pretty” side of the fabric facing inward
  • Grab a parent to help sew three sides by machine or by hand
  • Now fold the tube inside out, so the seam is now on the inside
  • Stuff it with lavender flowers so that the sachet looks nice and full
  • Now sew the last side closed by hand

That’s it! Put these lovely sachets in a pile and tie with a bow! They’ll look wonderful and they’ll smell sensational! Place them somewhere you’ll enjoy them most, like on your desk or bedside table. Enjoy!

Thanks, Apothica, for sponsoring this cool idea to bring a bright, fresh smell into our newly brightened rooms! You rock!

Apothica LLC

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