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Step One: Heart Pin by Beaded Art to Wear
January 22, 2010

1. First draw a heart shape on the Lacy’s Stiff Stuff or stiffened felt.  You can make the heart just the way you like hearts to look!  You will start sewing beads along the outline you are drawing, so be sure it is easy to see and will not rub off as you sew.

how to draw a tween girl's heart pin pattern

2. Cut about a yard of beading thread. Thread the needle and knot one end. (If you are new to sewing or beading, don’t use too much thread because it just gets tangled.) Using a Simple Beaded Back Stitch (described below), begin stitching the first row of beads on the outline you drew for the heart design.

Simple Beaded Back Stitch:

Shows first step in making a beaded heart pin - needle in fabricbeaded heart project with two beads in placebeaded_heart_step_3beaded_heart_step_4beaded_heart_step_5

  • Pull the needle through the Lacy’s Stiff Stuff from the underside on the line you’ve drawn. Pull thread up until the knot meets the foundation. (see first photo)
  • Pick up two seed beads with your needle. Slide the beads down the thread and place them against the beading foundation on the line. Insert your needle into the foundation right after the second bead and along the line. Pull the thread through until your beads are sitting right next to each other on the line and there is no space between the beads and the beading foundation.
  • Now bring your needle back through the foundation so that it is in front of the first bead. Slide the needle through both beads and pull the thread thorough completely. (see second photo)
  • Pick up two more beads with your needle. Slide the third and fourth beads on the thread until they are up against the first two beads.
  • Insert the needle into the foundation right after the fourth bead (on the line you drew!) and pull thread down securing the beads in place.
  • Insert the needle back up through foundation between the first and second bead. (see third photo)
  • Slide the needle through the second, third, and fourth beads and pull thread tight.
  • Once again, pick up two more seed beads. Insert the needle after the sixth bead into the foundation (on the line) and pull thread tight.
  • Bring the needle back up between the third and fourth bead and slide the needle through the fourth, fifth, and sixth bead and pull the thread tight. (see fourth photo)

3. Continue doing Simple Beaded Back Stitch the rest of the way around the heart.

4. When the outside edge is beaded, use the same stitching technique to fill in the rest of the heart. (Larger beads should be sewn down one at at time. Sew through the bead twice to ensure that each is secure against the beading foundation.) (see fifth photo)

5. At some point, you will need to start a new thread. As you reach the end of the thread, bring the needle and thread to the back side of the bead-work. Sew a few small stitches in the foundation on the back side of the bead-work and then trim the thread. Be careful not to cut any of the stitches on the backside.


6. Once you have finished beading, sew a few small stitches on the back side of the bead work to make sure it won’t come undone, and then clip the thread. (see sixth photo)


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