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Step Three: Heart Pin by Beaded Art to Wear
February 5, 2010

1. Brick Stitch Edge

  • Start with a new piece of thread. Thread the needle and knot one end. Insert the needle from the underside of the foundation. Bring the needle up next the last row of beads. This will hide the knot between the foundation and the backing material.
  • Pull the knot up tight against the foundation. Pick up two seed beads and slide them down the thread and up against the beadwork. Insert the needle after the second bead and pull the needle and thread through both the foundation and the backing material.
  • Bring your needle up and through the second bead. The thread will be on the outside edge. Lay the seed beads on their backs (the opening should be facing up).
  • Pick up one seed bead, slide it down the thread and insert the needle through the foundation and ultrasuede. Bring the needle back up through the seed bead. Make sure that bead opening is facing up.
  • Continue sewing one bead at a time all the way around the beadwork.
  • When you attach the last bead, the needle should be exiting the last bead you added. Bring the needle down through the first bead.

2. Weave your thread through a few of the edge beads and exit your needle to the back of the beadwork. Slide your needle through the backing material. Then cut your trim the thread.

3. Finally, spread glue on the back of the pin back and attach to the back of the beadwork. Allow to dry. Once it is dry, it is ready to wear or wrap for your BFF!


Want to buy a kit and get started?  Ask your parent and you can order your $20 kit – which includes shipping – right now!

Just click here for the purple pin:

And click here for the red pin:

Thank you for this fabulous project, Beaded Art to Wear!


Send in pictures of your creation!  Everyone will love to see it!

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