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Step Two: Heart Pin by Beaded Art to Wear
January 29, 2010

Just follow these directions by Beaded Art to Wear!


1. Trim off the extra beading foundation. Using a sharp pair of scissors, trim the extra foundation away from the beadwork. You’ll want to leave approximately 1/8” to a 1/4” of foundation on the outside edge. It is a good idea to check the back side of your beadwork when you are cutting away the foundation. You don’t want to cut any of the stitches! Your beads may fall off!

2. Once you’ve trimmed the bead work, place it on top of the cardboard and draw a line around the outside edge. Cut the piece of card board on the inside edge of your line making the card board approximately a 1/4” smaller than the piece of bead work. Set the piece of card board to the side.

3. Next, cut a piece of backing material about 1/2” larger than the beadwork.


4. Glue the pieces together using the sandwich technique. Spread glue on the back of the beadwork, place cardboard on top of glue. Allow the glue to dry. Next spread glue on the back of the cardboard and center the cardboard/beadwork piece on top of the piece of backing material. Allow to dry.

5. Trim the ultrasuede to approximately 1/4” away from the beadwork.

Next week, we’ll finish the pin with a cool, new stitch!  Thanks again to Beaded Art to Wear for this great project!


Want to buy a kit and get started?  Ask your parent and you can order your $20 kit — which includes shipping — with your parent right now!

Just click here for the purple pin:

And click here for the red pin:

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