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Story Club by NinjaNikita Part 5: Story TIme!
April 9, 2011

Let’s Recap.
Her name is Gina Saijo, has super powers, Japanese w/black hair, personality type 3 (see part 3 for details), and lives in NYC.
PS: Her hobbies are singing and acting. Not acting and dancing.

I’ll start us off.

Today was Gina’s first day at Bermam Middle School, a private Christian school. See, Gina’s an exchange student from Japan. Her real first name is Natsuki, but she’ll just be known as “Gina” to the American public. She was forced to leave when a massive earthquake devastated her country. Thankfully, she knows English. Unfortunately, she’ll have to be the family translator until she can teach the rest of her family English.
“Pretty, pretty, please!” she sung in English. “Don’t you ever, ever, feel! Like you’re less than! Less than perfect!”
She loved to sing. She loved it even more than acting. She even signed up for the school choir. It’s a good thing, too. People where always telling her back at home that she had a beautiful adult alto voice. Her voice matured early, and won’t mature anymore. Outside the office, she waited for the person that was supposed to show her around. Then…all of a sudden…she fell through the wall without leaving a whole.
“????!” she said in her own language.
“Oh, there you are.” said Principle McElroy. “I’ve been waiting for you. Come with me to my private office.”
It’s your turn to create the rest. Either sign up here and write it on your blog page, like me, or write the story here in the “Comments” section. Do whatever you please.


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