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Stress: Is It Bad For Tweens?
February 9, 2010

Stress hits us every day, like when we:

•  Want to do well on a big test

•  Need to get a paper finished

•  Worry about being on time for soccer practice

•  Can’t wait to go to a party

It can all be stressful. Some stress is good for us. It helps us try a little harder to make good things happen.  How to Deal With Stress can help you deal with good stress.

Too much stress, can do the opposite of good stress.  Too much stress can help us to do poorly in school and sports.

The trick? Keep stress in balance.  When you feel overwhelmed, get help.  Your body and your emotions can help you know when you have just too much stress on you. Some signs?

•  Can’t fall asleep

•  Don’t feel like eating

•  Feel there’s no way of managing it all

•  Wish to make it all go away

•  Always feel like yelling

In general, good stress helps you get moving and is over once you complete what you need to do. Feeling stress for a long time is not good. Talk to an adult for advice on dealing with any bad stress in your life.


Source: FECYT – Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (2010, January 18). New method to measure childhood stress. ScienceDaily.

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