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SuperGirl Hero Role Play by Thinktank101, DrHorrible9, DragonBlade and DarkAngelNikita
April 7, 2012


You can be a Institute Teacher, Professional SuperGirl, SuperGirl Student, Soon-to-Be SuperGirl (13 and under) Fill out this form. Here’s mine and DrHorrible9′s and DragonBlade’s

Name: Kylie Sizzle
Nickname: Ky (pronounced kie)
Age: 16
Position: Professional SuperGirl
History: My father is an Institute Teacher named Mr. Sizzle. My mother died when I was very young. I’m a good SuperGirl and while I’m still one of the youngest, I am pretty much the most talented one.

Position: Professional SuperGirl
Name: Ella Greccoine
Nickname: Rainiac  
Superpowers:To make it rain at any time, can fly, can change into a rain cloud, be able to throw lightning bolts at people, and can grow as big as she wants to be at one time.

Name: May Parker
Nickname: Spider-girl
Costume: Basically red and blue with spider web design all over
Powers: can shoot web out of my specially designed webshooters, can stick to surfaces, I have superstrength and a warning sense I call my spider sense, I am very agile and I am trained in martial arts
Age: 15
Appearance: pretty, blue eyes, long brown hair, medium height, skinny
Personality: fun, brave, clever, sneaky, quickthinking
History: I am the daughter of Peter Parker, the original Spider-man. I didn’t realize I also had spider powers until a few months ago. Now I think I’m getting the “hang”(lol I like puns) of it. Occasionaly dad and I work together. Most of the time I’m on my own. Have fun!

Name: Carolina Reed
Age: 14
Height: 5’5”
Skin: Right between a fair and medium tone
Hair: Black, wavy, thick, short
Face: a mix between oblong and square
Powers: Flight, all four natural elements (Earth, water, fire, air), Wolverine-like healing
History: My history has been an average one…until recently. During my 14th birthday party, I started a fire just by looking at the out-door fire place, created a mini tidal wave in my pool when I was talking about my friends about surfing, caused a landslide in my backyard when I ran up the hill, started a whirlwind to put the fire out, and flew back up to the balcony after falling off of it. I know; crazy, right? I even cut myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and it healed without a scar in seconds. To make matters worse, when my mom found out about my powers, she backed up in fright too far, fell off the third floor balcony and died. I called 911. Thankfully one of my friends saw what happened because I was suspected of pushing her off the balcony. I went to live with my grandmother, but she soon found out about my powers and is now sending me to Professor Wilson’s Academy of the Gifted in Salem, New York. She’s isn’t sending me their out of rejection, she’s sending me there for my benefit. She knows it’s an academy for children with powers.

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