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Sweet 16 Best Practices to Add Social Responsibility to Your Workplace
October 3, 2011



The mission of iTwixie has always been grounded in the realm of social responsibility and ethical business practices. We hope that this statement is obvious to you as we continue to provide wholesome content for iTwixie girls and maintain a website that authenticates the tween girl experience.

To further prove our dedication to social responsibility we recently led a workshop called Social Responsibility Can Be Big Business. We wanted to 1) get the group talking about how Social Responsibility has become a business norm, 2) delve into examples of who does it well and who’s missing the mark, and end with 3) developing a list of Best Practices for each organization to bring back to its organization. The session rocked – everyone in the room participated.  We even sparked a few mini-heated discussions. But most importantly, we over-delivered on our goal to come up with 10 best practices… we ended up with a Sweet 16!

Visit the PodCamp Pittsburgh Website to watch a recording of this session.

Sweet Sixteen Best Practices to Bring Social Responsibility to Your Workplace

  1. Get your stakeholders around the table to come up with ideas for a social responsibility effort
  2. Check to see how your customers feel about these ideas
  3. Take the time to build a rich, engaging conversation to brainstorm ideas and then choose one
  4. Set specific goals for the effort
  5. Create a forum to build a way the community can dialogue and keep the conversation going; gain ongoing feedback
  6. Make sure the effort is legit; create a means to show off its transparency so the community can keep in touch and check in
  7. Identify initiatives or partnerships that can elevate the effort and enhance its success
  8. Link the effort to business goals and ensure that along the way, the progress is measurable
  9. Try to ensure that the effort can or will contribute to the bottom line; consider government incentives
  10. Keep it authentic and always in balance as a win/win for the effort and for your organization
  11. Relate the effort to the essence of your business, so that the public instantly sees the relationship between the two
  12. Choose a goal that can be profitable if at all possible, but at least sustainable
  13. Accept ideas that create short-term creative destruction for the longer-term gain of leadership/innovation and progress
  14. Consider setting aside profit dollars for your cause on a small, local or community level to start
  15. Be sure to be sensitive to ongoing employee relationships
  16. Create awareness – promote the idea!

Please send any comments, questions or concerns to info@iTwixie.com! We’d love to hear from you!

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