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Swine Flu & You!
October 20, 2009


Why is the Swine Flu, or H1N1, such a big deal? This season, this new flu has become a pandemic — which means that the virus has spread throughout the world, can make people very sick, and can spread easily from one person to another.

Is swine flu really a flu that pigs get? Yes.  Isn’t that crazy?  It’s true.  That’s how this flu got its name.

How worried should tween girls be? We spoke to pediatricians and medical experts who told us that instead of worrying, that tween girls need to do a few things to help avoid getting sick:

  1. Wash your hands! Worry won’t keep you from getting the flu (or any infectious disease), but good hand-washing often can keep you healthy.  A virus is a germ, as you probably know, and germs are too small to be seen. Keeping your hands clean — and following other good habits like not sharing drinks and keeping your fingers out of your mouth, nose and eyes — can help protect you from germs.
  1. Sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow!  This is a way to use “respiratory etiquette” (say: eh-tih-ket).  What’s that, you ask? Well, you probably know respiratory means breathing. Your respiratory system includes your lungs. And etiquette means manners. So we’re talking about how to be polite and not spread germs when your respiratory system makes you sneeze or cough.
  1. Stay home if you’re sick!  And get extra rest!

What should tween girls do if they feel sick? If you feel sick, tell an adult — your parent, your teacher or caregiver — as soon as you can, so you can get the care you need.

Want more tips on how to keep healthy this fall and winter?  Check out  iMActive’s Care 4 U section, right here on iTwixie.com!


Content Credit: www.kidshealth.org

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