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Tweens Need Special Care in the Heat by spinner119
July 11, 2011

Well in most of the USA it’s steaming!



Here are some healthy tips to keep cool and keep healthy:

1) Drink water -
When you sweat your body gets rid of water to keep cool then you need to refill your supply.

2) Take a shower -
I know it’s hot and you don’t want to, but you will keep cool and clean!

3) Splash of water -
If you go to your sink and just splash some water in your face you will feel so much better!

4) To the beach -
Whether its the beach or the lake, just taking a quick dip will be so refreshing!

5) Go outside -
If you go to your local park just find a shady area or take a walk under the trees. Maybe have a little sister or brother or even best friends and have a scavanger hunt!

Have fun this summer!



Thanks, spinner119, for the fabulous tips!

Do you have some great Care 4 U tips for your iTwixie BFFs? Send ‘em in! We’ll publish them right here!

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