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December 1, 2010


iTwixie’s Friendship Quiz: “Are you a good BFF?” by iTwixieAdmin & Nanafofanna

1. You forgot your friends birthday and she’s really upset. You…
a) make her a special present to make it up to her
b) apologize and tell her you’ll do something big next year
c) throw a late surprise party with everyone you know.

2. You’re hanging with your BFF and she has her phone but you don’t, you…
a) tell her you don’t really want her to use the phone-it’s too distracting from your one on one time!
b) get quiet
c) tell her she can use it as long as you can too.

3.You see one of your friends rollerskating with another girl. You..
a) skate up to them and say “Wtup!”
b) totally freak out and call her 25 times until she picks up-then ask her why she wasn’t with you.
c) totally ignore it. Who cares if she has other friends?                 
d) tell all your friends a bad story about her so no one will hang out with her

4. Your friend tells you that she cheated on a test, you…
a) immediately report her to the teacher. She may be your friend, but cheating isn’t right.
b) tell her you’ll cheat with her on the next test!
c) talk to her privately and make sure she doesn’t do it again.

5. If your friendship were a movie, what would it be called?
a) Twilight
b) The Tale Of Two Sisters
c) Stand By Me
d) Off Again On Again

6. A rumor goes around about how your BFF took something from your teacher. She swears to you that it isn’t true. You…
a) trust her. She’s your friend, and she’d never lie.
b) join in on the gossip – how could she do that?
c) are not sure who to believe. You decide just to go solo for a while-she can deal with it.

7. You have tickets to a concert with a band you love… and the day is here! You’re getting ready to go when the phone rings. It’s your friend, and she’s in tears. You…
a) say dude – I’ll catch ya later – I’m off to my fave band in the world! Oh, and good luck with whatever is bothering you!
b) tell her you’ll talk to her after the concert, but you can’t talk right now.
C) talk to her-she’s your BFF!

Quick Version

1. When you are with your BFF, do you feel: a) good about yourself? b) like you wish you were her? or c) like time flies and you’re having fun?

2. If you and your BFF are going to hang out, you a) always do what you want to do b) take turns choosing what to do c) come up with so many ideas that you’re not sure whose idea it is

3. When you don’t like something your BFF is doing, you a) tell her b) pretend like nothing happened c) say wow, huh, and keep changing the subject


Are you a good friend? Got more questions?

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