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November 17, 2009

Sound impossible?  Well, according to Alan Hirsch, MD, it’s true 95% OF THE TIME!   After studying 800 volunteers, Dr. Hirsch found that fave snacks and personalities matched like this:


  • Potato chips – you’re ambitious and competitive, only the best is good enough for you and your family and you’re determined to get it for them.
  • Tortilla chips – you’re a perfectionist and you plan ahead, so you tend to take charge and micromanage every project.
  • Pretzels – you’re lively, upbeat and interested in all the latest fashions and trends; you’re always ready for a spontaneous fun or a last-minute invite.
  • Cheese curls – you’re highly principled, trustworthy and conscientious, and spirituality plays a big role in your life; you’re more concerned with good sportsmanship than with winning.

Too bad Dr. Hirsch did not study the personality of veggie snackers!


Source: Ladies’ Home Journal. ( July 2006 ). “When it’s time for a snack, which of these do you most often reach for?”

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