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Take This Test by dixielove!
August 4, 2011


Okay first i want you to get a piece of paper. than a pen and follow my directions.

1. Read all the directions before you do anything.
2. Write your name on the piece of paper.
3. Solve 2+2 and write the answer on the piece of paper.
4. Sing your favorite song write the song on the piece of paper.
5. Moo like a cow under a desk.
6. Draw a stick person on your paper and name him Albert.
7. Do 5 jumping jacks.
8. Draw bob the stick person doing jumping jacks.
9. Go hug every one in your house.
10. Yell at the refrigerator for not having cheese, even if it does.

Now that you looked at all of the directions; you don’t actually have to do them. It was just a test to see if you’re a good listener. if you did all those crazy things, you’re not that great of a listener. If you didn’t do all of them, then you’re awesome. Write on my wall if you have any comments on my test! Hope you had a good laugh!

Luv ya,
~ dixielove

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