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Tennis: Serve It Up!
June 22, 2009

Follow these steps if you’re right handed. And, if you’re a lefty, just reverse them!

  • Turn so that the left side of your body is facing your opponent. Have your left foot in front, pointing towards your target.
  • Hold your racquet with your right hand like it’s a hammer (just like we did with the Overhead Shot!). This might sound silly, but reach the racquet behind your back, like you’re scratching your back with it!
  • Hold the ball in your left hand, holding it out straight in front of you. Then give it a toss about 2 feet straight up in front of you.
  • Keep your eye on the ball! When it starts to fall back down, hit the ball with the center of your racquet, pushing it toward the serving box diagonal to you and across the net.
  • Don’t stop there, though! For a good serve, you have to remember to follow through. To follow through, you keep moving your racquet down, next to your hip and pointing down to your knee, after you hit the ball.


Try it out. Yeah, we know it can be tricky to learn, but it can be tons of fun just to play for fun! Send us a video of you or you and your buddies trying the tennis serve, and we’ll post it right here on iTwixie!

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