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Tennis: The Overhead Shot
June 16, 2009

1. Line your feet up with where you want to aim the ball. Your legs should be shoudler width apart, with one leg in front of the other. Keep your legs strong and point your front foot towards your target. Your shoulders should line up toward the target, too.

Hold your racquet like it’s a hammer.

2. Have someone lob the ball to you (that’s when the ball goes high in the air as it comes over the net). As the ball comes down from the lob, on your side of the net, point at it with the hand without the racquet. Put most of your weight on your back leg and follow the ball with your eyes! And take your racquet up to meet the ball.

3. Hit the ball toward your opponent with your racquet! Your weight will shift to your front foot. And your racquet will point toward your target at the end.

The tennis overhead shot can be a difficult skill to learn, so don’t get frustrated! Just have fun practicing it!

Here is an iTwixie Girl showing off her technique!

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