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Thanks 4 These Gr8 Stories About BFFs Who REDEFINE GIRLY!
March 15, 2010


PIGTAIL PALS is a super fabulous company that makes cool t-shirts all about how girls can be heroes. The t-shirts have fun pictures of girls being smart, daring and adventurous.

iTwixie is all about how cool every girl is, in every way! That’s pretty powerful girly-ness, right?

Over the past week or so, iTwixie girls have been sending in their stories, poems and songs about how they have a BFF who’s girly in this cool, powerful way! Here they are! If we are missing yours, just let us know today!

We added a few from other parts of iTwixie to show off how iTwixie girls are all about REDEFINING GIRLIE!!!

From astrogirl745

My best friend is amazing. We try to be there for each other when we can. When I heard she wasn’t in my class, I almost broke into tears. I’ve known her since kindergarden. She’s a strong, smart, creative, adventurous girl. Her parents will not let her use the computer, video games or the TV, so she comes up with great adventurous ideas. We love to play in her awesome backyard! She’s an amazing runner and swimmer. She loves dogs and her gunea pig, Hershey. I’m moving soon, but I know she’s the first person I will call when I arrive at my new home. My best friend is Kassidy .

From Lulu36

Me and Katie
I was biking
And talking
As we rode our bikes through town

We were chatting
And blabbing
Having so much fun!

We had a secret
We had a pl an
We would sneak away
And build and play all day

We rode up to a stop sign
We waited and watched
Thinking ’bout what we’re gonna do

And waiting
’til we could go

We had a secret
We had a plan
We would sneak away
And build and play all day

We arrived in town
We went to the bagel store
I realized
I realized


We panicked and called mom

Then we went to wait
She came to get us
And we rode back
Before the day was done

We had a secret
We had a plan
We would sneak away
And build and
play all day

Me and Katie
Me and Katie
Me and Katie
Me and Katie

We had a secret
We had a plan
We would sneak away
And build and play all day

But it didn’t work
Didn’t work

But we still…

From juliette

Hey everyone. Just wanted to tell u that MandyRox810 won the blog contest. We r celebrating. We all congratulated her. I am really happy she won. She loves to blog. I love to blog too. But she is unique. Congrats!!!


From Lemonhead’s Friendship Tips

Be the friend you’d want to be your friend! Hello! Welcome to tips by lemonhead!!! I’m the host who’s yellow and lemony, Lemonhead! Today, our topic will be how to be the model friend, or the friend who is loyal, fun and trustworthy.

SECRET KEEPER: When a friend tells you a secret, you should keep it. I know it can be difficult, especially when someone asks you to tell them, but you have to stay firm. Even if they say: “C’mon, I thought you were my friend!”. You should just say back, “Yes, I am your friend. But I am also ____’s friend and if she says I can’t tell, I can’t tell. If you want to find out, maybe she will tell you but I won’t.”. If she still is pushy, just say this: “Well, you wouldn’t want me to tell her one of your secrets, if you told me not to, right?”. Then, she’ll really regret she even asked you.

OPINIONS, YES. DISAGREEING,NO. Yes, it’s ok to have your own opinion, but disagreeing too much, can lead to fights or grudges. Let’s say your friend loves The Jonas Brothers, but you like Justin Bieber better and she invites you to their concert. If you don’t want to go, say: “Oh, no thanks. I have something else going on that day.” She’ll understand. Now, I’m not saying you have to lie to your friend. I’m just suggesting this because you don’t want to hurt your friend’s feelings. And if you do, want to go, which, I would personally do, because, you’d just have fun because your with your friend, then tell her,”Sure! That sounds like a blast.”. Remember, you can be friends even if you don’t agree. Just like my teacher says,”Accept the similarities, and celebrate the differences.”

BEHIND MY BACK When you’re friends with someone, you shouldn’t keep secrets from each other,or talk behind their back. This can be tricky when other friends or people are talking about her. The best thing to do, is say,” I’m sorry but ____ is my friend and I can’t betray her like this.” They’ll understand. Also, you could try to switch to another conversation. Say,” Oh, guys, did you hear the new Selina Gomez song? IT WAS SO AWESOME!” They’ll suddenly fall under your “Spell” and start talking about that. If none of this works, just walk away.

Well I hope you liked my tips! Come to Lemonhead’s blog 4 more! thanks girls! -The original Lemonhead

From igirlpower

MY BFF rocks because she is totally GIRLY!!!!! My BFF always looks great – she’s got a great sense of fashion, always has the prettiest hairstyle, and she ROCKS on the tennis court – she’s better th an anyone I know at tennis! AND she’s really good with computers. So she’s the coolest girly girl ever and that’s why she’s my BFF!

From Moonpelt

So here are they’re tips to me to you to whoever! And you’ll learn all of this such as blocking out with your coach as well. Also, TEAMWORK GIRLS!!!!

Cool!!!! And remember, it’s OK to get one foul every game or every other game or…ya know. That way you know you’re aggressive. But being fouled out is NOT a good thing. And don’t play dirty, it’s not good. If the other team is doing it — Then blow in their faces and get maybe 2 fouls. Show ‘em your tough, but play fair.


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Good luck everyone.  CHEERS!

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