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A STEM Thanksgiving in Antarctica by Jenna
November 25, 2010

Photo Credit: jennaluek


After 3 different planes and then 5 days on a ship, I am so thankful to finally be here! I am at Palmer station in Antarctica!

Palmer Station is supposed to be the best place to go because everyone is very friendly. I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

I have had to prepare myself for being away from my family and friends (and my pet rat!) for two months, which I’ve never had to do before. I’ve travelled before, but have always been able to talk on the phone while away.

Antarctica has no native people, so countries around the world have agreed to share it for scientific research. This continent is ideal for many types of research because it is virtually unchanged by people and is considered a pristine (untouched) environment. The only rule for working in Antarctica is “no one can hurt or change the environment.”

This experience is challenging me to explore and to refine my goals.  So, I challenge each of you to create an adventure of your own.

Adventure Challenge: Come up with a goal and write it down. It can be something you want to accomplish next week, next year, or in twenty years. Once you write down your goal; come up with five things you can do that will help you reach that goal and start one!


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