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The Artifact Role Play
November 30, 2012

You don’t have to fill out both “Weapon(s) of choice” or “Fighting style of choice,” but at least fill out one of them. Some of us already know each other, but some get pulled into this. 

Name: Gemma Ross
Age: 21
Height: 5’9”
Skin : Light tan
Hair: Rich golden brown, wavy, a few  inches past shoulders
Eyes: Rich brown with gold around pupil
Style: Always wear black fedora w/ dark orange and black feather band and black cape- like, hooded trench coat. Don’t very often wear a  skirt.
Job: Librarian, part-time archeologist 
Weapon(s)of choice: Nothing specific. I prefer fire power, but I can handle blades.
Fighting style of choice: Nothing specific; whatever works.

Name: Blaire Forrest
Age: 13
Appearance: short Flame red hair, green eyes, freckles
Persona: tomboy; friendly; adventurous; fun; curious
Style: boys clothes; never goes any where without tools
Job: archeologist’s assistant 
Weapon of choice: any weapon you throw at me, I can figure out how to use
Fighting style: not really a designated style

Alexa Terrin 
Age: 19
Skin : Sunkissed Skin
Hair: Curly, Loong, Jet Black cascades down, shines and silky
Eyes: Emerald Green
Style: Dark Flared Jeans, Bright Halter Tops, Converse Sneakers
Job: Web Designer
Weapon(s) of choice: Controls all Elements


  1. Name:Alex Flint
    Appearance:Short layered bob, pale skin light blue eyes.
    Personality: Fun exciting, tomboyish, sweet Daring
    Style: Sneakers. Hand me downs from her older brother(which includes shorts. Jeans and T-shirts)
    Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow
    Fighting Style:Telekinesis

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