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The iTwixie Dog Ate the LOL October Issue of the iTwixie Chronicle!
October 19, 2011


SO many girls have been FREAKING out!

Where’s the LOL October issue of the iTwixie Chronicle? Where is it? Where is it?

We hear you!

It was DESTROYED by the iTwixie DOG!                                                   I know, right?

So we pieced what we could back together and voila… here it finally is… the LOL October issue of the iTwixie Chronicle! You’re going to LOVE it!

Now get this:
You are NEVER going to guess what happened next. That dog TOOK OFF!

We have no idea where she’s going to go. If you see her, will you take a picture and send it in AS SOON AS YOU CAN? We’ve got to find the iTwixie DOG!!!!

She’s crazy about traveling, so who knows WHERE she’ll show up.

Can you help out? Great! Together, we’re sure we’ll find her. In fact, she’s the inspiration for the theme for next month’s iTwixie Chronicle: Where in the World is the iTwixie Dog?

If you want to be featured in the November issue of the iTwixie Chronicle just send in your poems, pictures, jokes or any evidence you find of the iTwixie Dog to info@itwixie.com or just write on iTwixieAdmin’s wall, by October 31 (BOO!) to be included in the November issue of the iTwixie Chronicle!

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