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The iTwixie Pledge
June 25, 2011

Here’s what I pledge, as an iTwixie member:

  1. I will check out everything on iTwixie and give it a try. I might even try some stuff that’s challenging.  But I will not try anything that makes me uncomfortable.  If ever I feel uncomfortable, I’ll get my parent, guardian or caregiver, and we’ll let iTwixie know what happened.
  2. I will do my part to keep myself and other iTwixie girls safe.  I will not share anything about myself on iTwixie without my parents’/guardians’/caregivers’ permission.  I will never share my address, telephone number, or even my full name on iTwixie.
  3. I will treat other iTwixies with respect. I will be polite and kind, and I will include others.  I will not be rude or mean, or try to exclude others.
  4. I will not make any member feel unwelcome or unwanted anywhere on iTwixie.
  5. I will use my best words on iTwixie. I will not use hurtful, offensive, inappropriate, or bad language anywhere on iTwixie.
  6. I will respect other people’s opinions and tolerate them, even if they are different from mine.
  7. I will not post a picture of myself or my life without first checking with my parents.
  8. I am ok that it might take a day or two before I see some of my posts on iTwixie, since I understand that my username and all posts must be screened to make sure only safe posts make it on iTwixie.

Download the iTwixie Pledge to print and sign.

Make it official!

Send a copy of your signed pledge to:

iTwixie, Inc.
PO Box 85
Allison Park, PA 15101

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