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The New Avengers Roleplay by DragonBlade
July 6, 2012

To join put your Name, Hero name, Powers, Age, History, Suit, Looks, and Personality.

Here is mine:
Name: Julia Evens
Hero Name: Iron Girl
Powers: I have a metal suit I built powered by an energy source called the arc reactors. It enhances strength, speed, and has jets that help it to fly. I canshoot repulser blasts from my hands and chest piece. I also have other defense weapons.
Age: 27
History: I developed weapons for the army until I w as captured by enemy troops. I was held for ransom and injured so badly I had to build myself an arc reactor(a very powerful energy source) to put in my body just to stay alive. While in captivity I built a robot suit to help me escape. When I returned home I no longer built weapons becaus e I could not get my mind off of the suit. I updated the design and added more to the
defense system . I was what you would call a superhero in the public eye after I made my first save. After a few months a colleague and I got into a fight and he built his own suit to use as a weapon against me. It’ s caused a lot of damage to the city. He and I got into a fight where he was killed. After that I told the world my secret identity.
Suit: Metal with a glowing blue light from the arc reactors in my chest piece. Red and gold color. Glowing blue from my eyes in the mask as well. On the inside I have holographic images to help me control the suit.
Looks: Brown hair, blue eyes, medium height, skinny, strong, tan
Personality: Strong willed, brave, loyal, extremely intelligent, I tend to think I am better then others because of my money and success, outspoken too.

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