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December 18, 2012

We are ALL a little like Pinocchio, because our nose can tell others if we are lying! The blood rushes to our noses when we lie, even just a little lie (but it does not get bigger!) The funny thing is that this is true even for peeps who can beat the traditional lie detector!

The researchers could tell about the increased blood supply with heat detectors! So watch out, if someone wants to know if you are lying, they can check the temperature of your nose! Won’t that be a funny way to see if you are telling the truth?

Here is the amazing avatar created for this STEM challenge:


And the winners of this STEM avatar are: Zebraangel & asdfghjkl707!!

Their great answers are “a device or something that makes you feel as if you will be found out 
about your lie.” and “a lie detector that will help figuring out how to make people tell the truth.”

Great job, iTwixie girls!

(special thanks to ScienceDaily for this information)

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