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Let's Jazz Up Book Club this January!
January 25, 2012



This week, we want to know what YOU think about these three topics?

Topic One: by BeYoutiful
No Ordinary Day? is a motivational and empowering book for girls of all ages! How is it motivating YOU so far?

Topic Two: inspired by misshermionegranger and tweenfairy
Since No Ordinary Day? is all about Valli, a courageous girl, and her adventures in Kolkata, how can you relate to her with your every day adventures? Finish this sentence and we’ll post all of the entries this week!

If I was with Valli in Kolkata, I would try and convince her to…

Topic Three: by iTwixieAdmin
What are 3 things that make YOU feel independent?

Have fun reading No Ordinary Day!

Here is what one tween girl, Faith McPhee, says about this book:

No Ordinary Day by Deborah Ellis is a brilliant novel, detailing the events of Valli’s adventures in Kolkata, India. Valli is a courageous girl who finds herself on a journey of independence, taking with her only her spirit and a pair of “magic feet.”

What do U think, iTwixie girls? Can U do it?


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