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August 4, 2012

Name: Venom, “Death Bringer” (Steven Dillon)
Position: Leader of High Rise
Appearance: Tall, muscular, gold tan, dark hair
Powers: Can fly using black dragon wings that fold under skin, super strength, can disappear in black puff of smoke and teleport short distances, can poison someone just by touching them, has a pole that allows him to cast spells 

Name: Blue Thunder (Ryan Quinn)
Position: Right hand man of Venom
Appearance: Mid-height, thin build, dark, blue hair
Powers: Controls weather and elements

Name: Gemini (Annabelle Ruse)
Position: Right hand woman of Venom
Appearance: Tall, slender, lanky, pale, dark purple hair
Powers: Body becomes translucent and rainbow-like while still keeping body form, blasts same looking stuff from hands, flies

Name: Tin Man (John Shamban)
Position: Member of High Rise
Appearance: Average height, bulky, light tan, blonde hair
Powers: N/A, but has a suit that gives him super strength, small cannons, and allows him to fly

Name: Dragon Lady (Leiko Takeda)
Position: Member of High Rise
Appearance: Short-ish, muscular, Asian skin color, black hair
Powers: Transforms into blue dragon

Name: Stoneface (Carl Jones)
Position: Member of High Rise
Appearance: Tall, very muscular, gray-white skin, silver hair
Powers: Can transform into a statue, turns anyone to stone for an hour with one touch. Victim will be unconscious for a half hour after the stone effect wears off


My Character:
Name: Jean Dillon
Parent: Steven Dillon
Age: 14
Height: 6”
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Blue (Black when using wizardry) 
Hair: Black short shag
Style: Goth-ish. She still like some regular clothing, but wears at least one black thing every day 
Powers: Black wings that fold under skin, super strength, super-fast healing (can survive things that other would be killed by, such as bullet to head), wizardry using staff similar to Venom’s: a black pole as tall as her with a large, golden cross on the top 
History: Being homeschooled, I don’t have as many friends my age I would have if I wasn’t homeschooled, but I’m friends with the children of Carl Jones, Leiko Tanaka, John Shamban, Annabelle Ruse and Ryan Quinn. 

I’m walking with a black pole as tall as me with a large, golden cross on the top. My father gave it to me for my 13th birthday. I’m on a mountain in the pouring rain and I can’t clearly make out the person walking in front of me. All of a sudden, they slip and fall down the mountain. I kneel down and reach out my hand, screaming “No!” when I discover I can’t catch them.
I shoot up awake.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Lewisville Texas, Buy Viagra 200 mg in Bridgeport Connecticut

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