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Thinking about Becoming a Doctor? Think Darwinian!
November 17, 2011

Here’s a new way to think about medicine: think Darwinian!


Darwinian Medicine is simply a new idea or way for scientists and doctors to think about medicine and our amazing bodies.

For example:

- When germs get into our bodies to make us sick, we sometimes develop a fever. A fever is simply a higher temperature than normal for our body. What our bodies are doing when they make the temperature higher is to kill the germs by making our bodies too hot for a germ to live. Cool, right?

- When we sprain our ankle, we feel pain. This is our body’s way of keeping us from doing anything on our feet so that we can heal.

When we think Darwinian, we start to think about how our bodies might be doing exactly what they need to do to get us healthy again.

What do you think about this new way of thinking about medicine?

Stem Challenge: Can you think of another way that your body helps you take care of you?

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