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Tiger Role Play by DragonBlade
May 7, 2012

To join put you: Name:, Looks:, Tiger Looks:, Personality:, Gender:, Reason for Curse:, History:

Looks: beautiful, wavy, long, black hair, bright blue eyes, tall, perfect skin
Tiger Looks: White tiger, intellegent blue eyes, medium size
Personality: Strong, brave, fighter, loyal, smart, cunning
Gender: Female
Reason for Curse: I refused to marry the man my parents planned for me to wed and ran away.
History: I was a princess of a very powerful king many hundred years ago. My mother and father planned for my to marry a general’s son, but they overlooked his attitude. He was a slob and acted like a pig. He was rude and made cruel jokes. If I was to rule after my father and mother had passed I didnt want him to be king of my people. One day while at the river I saw a young man. He was kind and treated me with respect. I fell in love with him. On the day of my wedding I ran away to be with him. This angered the spirits and they cursed us to tiger forms. The young man (his name was Rajat) was turned to a black tiger and I a white. At first we were overjoyed to finally be together. A few years late however, Rajat was captured by hunters. I am alone. Now I roam the jungle seaching for him.

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