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Tigers RP by Guitara (Statica)(Sunshine99)
March 26, 2011
Tigers posted are:

Name: Guitara
Gender: Female
Personality: Bright, happy, adventurous
If you want to join, post a tiger profile on the wall! Just chain the stories together in one big story!
Scubagirl: Name: Amber
Gender: Female
Personality: Amber has a pretty strong personality; she always wants to be in charge. She is adventurous and can be very fun.
BeautyDivaQueen: Name- Angela
Gender- Female
Personality- Friendly,happy,smart,clever

Hmsisatiger: Name: HMS
Gender: Female
Appearance: white tiger
Personality: Really fierce, and cuddly at the same time.

Shadekit: Tiger name: Kallika
Gender: Female
Personality: Sarcastic, grumpy, has huge mood swings at times.
looks: small snow tiger,
icy blue eyes.
Age: Kitten, about 3 month s old.

iluvfrogs: Name:Alaska
Personality:Sweet,kind ,nice (usually none of my characters are like this but, whatev)
Looks: Medium-sized Siberian Tiger, about to have kittens (or cubs, I don’t know what you call tiger babies)

whitetigress: Name: No name
Gender: female
Personality: strong fierce loyal to ones she connects with is a type who likes who will walk away if she wants to, her own person,
Background: was seperated from mother at three weeks. Is just barely 3 monthes old. ( is it k if they were sisters and got seperated s hadekit??).
White tiger. Hey hmsisatiger, do u think hms coud be her mom??
oopppss… I forgot she doesn’t have a name cause her
mom didn’t have enough time to name her cause she had to look fr traits . Sorry. But donworry she wil end up wif a name.
Guitara trodded through the trees. Suddenly, another tiger popped out, followed by a few more. “Hi!” The onoe who had popped out said. “I’m HMS. This is Amber, Angela , Kallika, and Alaska. This one here, well, she do esn’thave a name.”
“How doesn’t she have a name?” Guitara asked.
You guys can continue writing now!!!!!!!

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