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Time to Mail Your Letter!
July 21, 2012

About Day of the Girl: Our new BFFs at Day of the Girl worked with the United Nations to get a proclamation for a special day that’s all about the power of girls all over the world. It’s called Day of the Girl. The first one EVER is happening this Fall: October 11, 2012! That’s 10.11.12! Cool, right?

This week: if your letter and proclamation are ready, let’s mail the letter!
All you need to do is:
1) Print the letter and sign it
2) Print the proclamation
3) Put the address of your official on the envelope and be sure to put both the letter and proclamation into the envelop. We recommend using two postage stamps, to be sure postage is enough.
4) Take a picture of you and your letter and send it into iTwixie! We’d love to feature you!

Q: Do you have questions? Need help? Confused? Ask us right here, in the comments section below.


Next week: We’ll have pictures, videos and stories from girls around the world who are Changing the World with us!  AND we have big news with Day of the Girl! Be sure to check back next week!


Want to get involved? Do know someone who’d love to help Change the World, too? Great!
It’s EASY and there’s PLENTY OF TIME!

Just Follow these 3 Steps:

  • Click here for how to write the letter to go with the proclamation



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