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Step 1: Mother's Day Funky Pin Board by Elle & Anne
April 23, 2010


We’re making the Funky Pin Board. If you need supplies, check the list here: Thanks for Voting for this Great Mother’s Day Project from Elle & Anne!

Step 1:

  • Lay your cork on top of your piece of cardboard. Trace the shape of the cork and cut it out of the cardboard to use as a cover on the back.
  • Lay your cork in the center of your chosen fabric piece. Trace the shape plus plus a border of 1.5 inches on all sides (to be able to fold over).
  • Cut two (2) pieces of this shape (cork + 1.5 inches on all four sides) out of the fabric. One piece is to cover the cork, the other is to cover the cardboard.
  • Next, cut as many strips of ribbon as you would like to use horizontally and vertically or diagonally. Be sure to cut them with at least 4 extra inches so that you can pull them across the board and glue at both ends. These strips will hold pictures and other fun stuff!
  • Iron your fabric to get a nice smooth, flat surface.

Set these aside for the final steps next week. Thanks, Elle & Anne!

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