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Tips by Lemonhead: Sensational Spring Fashion!
March 22, 2010


Here’s how:

Step one: Spring has bright, colorful colors like pale green, light purple, Hot pink, orange, and yellow. Have any of these colors in your closet? Try picking out a dress, (not fancy) a t-shirt, and shorts or leggings.

Step two: Start with the t-shirt. Find a flat space and lay the shirt down. Next get the dress (Optional) and lay that on top of the t-shirt. If you want to use the dress, I would suggest leggings under, instead of shorts. If you are just going to use the t-shirt, lay the shorts under it.

Step three: Now time to accessorize! Pick out necklaces, belts, bracelets, headbands- Anything that will match! Remember to also pick out shoes. ONCE YOU’VE DONE THESE THREE STEPS, YOU’LL HAVE A SPRING OUTFIT!

Show off this outfit to friends and family. After all, you will look great! Be yourself and feel awesome!


Thanks, Lemonhead, for these fabulous tips for putting together a Sensational Spring Outfit! Send in a picture of YOUR fabulicious outfit to judy@iTwixie.com and we’ll post it right here!

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