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Tips On How To Go Green!! by torino1
January 11, 2011

1. Change to flourecent light bulbs.

2. Buy recycled paper that is eco friendly to the environment.

3. Recycle milk jugs, paper, newspaper, and anything that can be recycled.

4. DON’T litter. Pick up any litter that you see on beaches or anywhere.

5. Walk, carpool, or maybe take the bus to school.

6. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth or showering to save lots of water.

7. Create compost pile.

8. Don’t just put your computer to sleep; shut it down.

9. Plant trees. Plant trees because each day more and more are being cut down to build houses. While they are cutting trees down they are destroying many animal habitats, now the animals can have a safe habitat in your yard.

10. Don’t play video games. Don’t play as many video games because TVs, computers,or any electronics waste a lot of energy.


Do you have some tips to go green that you think are VIP (very important points)? Just send them in to judy@itwixie.com!




















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