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iTwixie Has Fab Challenges for U This Earth Day!
April 22, 2011

Photo Credit: Earth Day Network

So let’s think what we can do for Earth Day. One idea is to pledge a new green way of living from what you are doing already. Here are a couple of ideas:

1) Leave your shoes at the door of your home.  This keeps pollution and dirt collected on your shoes from entering your home!

2) When you have outgrown a piece of clothing or are really tired of it, give it to a friend or a place that takes donated used clothing!

3) Make a recycled craft! Chloepuppy8 posted this one on her blog:

I have a cute green recyclable project that you can make. It’s a headband!

All you need:

  • a couple old shirts or pants
  • a kewl button or two
  • a ruler
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

Grab a parent and ur BFF:

1) Start by choosing a piece of old clothing and cutting it into a long strip that is big enough to go around your head.

2) Then, cut out flowers or circles from other fabrics that are various sizes.

3) Glue them together on top of each other, going from big to small. You can add a button here if you like.

4) Then add that design onto your strip by gluing it.

5) Next, tie your new homemade headband around your head for a stylish and green accessory!


You GO iTwixie girl!


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