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August 31, 2012

Here are your Top 10 Fashion Musts: 

netting backed shirts/floral patterned tops

    aeropostale t-shirt

    off-the-sleeve shoulder shirt over a tank top




    colored jeans


    Aeropostale Sweatshirt/hoodies

    cool jacket or blazer



    Boots – UGGs, cowboy, 



    Converse hightops – lorax, black



    Bracelets – lots 

    Headbands – flowered, silver, blue, black, navy blue 

    Earrings – flowered

    Necklaces – mustaches, good luck, sea-shell, shark-tooth

    Canvas bag – pink with sequins, Hello Kitty 

    Nail polish – to match uniform


Challenge for next week: If you could give your BFF one awesome fashion item, what would you give her? Cost is not an issue but what your BFF likes is! Just write your choice in the comments below:)



Can i buy Viagra over the counter in Victorville California - Where can i buy Viagra no prescription in Visalia California

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